Welcome to ATA Karate

We are proud to be part of the American Taekwondo Association, one of 1500 schools World-Wide a family-owned Martial Arts Center dedicated to providing a fun and family-friendly taekwondo experience since 2006.   Our classes teach students the fundamentals of Martial Arts.  Each student will learn how to use blocks, strikes, and kicks, as well as how to put the moves into form patterns.   And, most important of all, we teach life skills such as respect and discipline so students know use these skills outside of taekwondo.  Our class schedule is very flexible and each student can come in at a convenient time for them.   Our classes are divided into 3 programs to accommodate different age groups, so all of our students can learn at appropriate speed.  All of our instructors are nationally-certified, where each go through an intensive 300 hours training  and must complete a regional test to instruct Songahm Curriculum.  We are so confident that you will enjoy our program and what we have to offer that we invite you to come and try a free class!


To actively demonstrate that martial arts can benefit any person, from any walk of life, regardless of physical ability. To develop and educate our students, so they may succeed in any challenge life has to offer. To instill in everyone that walks through our doors an attitude of perseverance and humility. But, most importantly, to empower young minds and give them the tools to develop into future leaders.