Mr. Michael Strange

The Chief instructor/owner of ATA Karate Rio Rancho is Mr. Michael Strange.  Mr. Strange is a 4th degree black belt and has been actively training in Martial arts for more than 30 years.  He was first introduced to Karate by his younger brother through a summer camp.  Shortly after, Mr. Strange joined the American Kenpo Karate Association under the instruction of the late Bill Packer.   His experience in full contact karate and knowledge of many traditional arts serves the students of ATA Rio Rancho with a variety lessons.  Mr. Strange enrolled his family at an ATA in 2003 which closed shortly after the family received there 1st degree black belts.  Continuing their training in the ATA, Mr. Strange traveled to Taos, NM every Monday to receive instruction from 8th Degree Chief Master Dan Thor.  ATA Rio Rancho was opened in April 2006 and serves over 100 active students.  

Protech Certification
Single Bahng mahng ee (Escrima stick)
Double Bahng mahng ee (Escrima stick)
Oh Sang Do (Broad Sword)

Mr. Averyjuhn Dalida

Chief Instructor/ Admin.                                                                 
4th Degree Black Belt
Level 3 ATA Certified Instructor, 2009
Level 3 tournament Judge

Protech Certifications
Single Ssahng jeol bong (Nunchuku)
Double Ssahng jeol bong (Nunchuku)
Jahng Bong (Mid-Range Staff)
P.P.C.T (Pressure Point Control Tactics)


Ms. Leanna Dalida

Chief Instructor/ ATATiger instructor
4th Degree Black Belt
Level 3 ATA Certified Instructor, 2009
Level 3 Tournament Judge

Protech Certifications
Ssang Nat (Kamas)
SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention)



Mrs. Florie Strange

 Administrator/ Assistant instructor
2nd Degree Rec. Black Belt
Level 2 ATA Specialty Instructor